As a finance and investment company, MAX Automation has a very good portfolio of companies that promise growth and value enhancement. Our portfolio companies are gems of the German SME sector. The MAX Group has stable market leaders in established industries and niche champions that serve megatrends, such as GreenTec, MedTec or e-Mobility.

bdtronic Group

bdtronic Group headquartered in Weikersheim (Baden-Wuerttemberg), develops, produces, and sells machines and systems with integrated software solutions for high-precision manufacturing processes (1C and 2C dispensing technology, impregnation technology, hot riveting, and plasma pre-treatment) for the automotive, electronics and medical technology industries. It is an established partner for the mobility of the future and positions itself as a quality leader in dispensing technology and technology leader in impregnation technology.

Focus Dispensing systems, impregnation systems, hot riveting systems, low-pressure and atmospheric
plasma systems
Locations Weikersheim (GER), Diepenbeek (Belgium), Monza (Italy), Rieti (Italy), Ashton under Lyne (UK), Tulsa (US),  Suzhou (China)
Founded 2001
MAX share / since 100 % / 2004
Employees (Average 2023) 480 (excl. Trainees)
Management Ömer Öztürk

Andreas Olkus

Vecoplan Group

Vecoplan AG, headquartered in Bad Marienberg (Rhineland-Palatinate), develops, produces, and installs machines and plants for the shredding, conveying, and processing of primary and secondary raw materials mainly for customers in the wood and recycling industry, the waste disposal industry and the paper and plastics industry. The Group positions itself as a technological pioneer with strong market positions in Europe and the US.

Focus Machines and systems to shred and treat
primaryand secondary raw materials
Locations Bad Marienberg (GER), Wilmington (US), Archdale (US), Floyds Knobs (US), Wien (Austria), Bilbao (Spain), Castleford (UK), Warschau (Poland), Sarnen (Switzerland)
Founded 1969
MAX share / since 100 % / 1995
Employees (Average 2023) 526 (excl. Trainees)
Management Werner Berens (CEO)

Ina Hannen (CFO)

MA micro Group

MA micro Group, headquartered in St. Leon-Rot (Baden-Württemberg), is positioned as a technology leader for automation solutions in microassembly, particularly for the medical technology and optronic industries. The focus is on the development, manufacture and distribution of production, assembly and testing systems for medical and optical components such as lenses, lasers, and camera modules, as well as for medical products such as contact lenses, Tip&Cup, stents, or insulin pens.

Focus Assembly systems for optical components as well
as for medical devices, Micro assembly systems for
actuators, Sensors and optical systems
Locations St. Leon-Rot (GER), Singapur, Dover (US)
Founded 2010
MAX share / since 100 % / 2013
Employees (Average 2023) 199 (excl. Trainees)
Management Joachim Hardt

AIM micro systems GmbH

AIM Micro Systems GmbH, headquartered in Triptis (Thuringia) is a company that specialises in the field of sensors and optoelectronics with technologically leading solutions in the photonics market. It develops, produces, and distributes technologies for the manufacture of optoelectronic modules and micro-optical components for customers in the medical technology and sensor industry as well as the aerospace industry.

Focus Technologies to manufacture opto-electronic
modules and micro-optic components
Locations Triptis (GER)
Founded 2012
MAX share / since 100 % / 2013
Employees (Average 2023) 25 (excl. Trainees)
Management Dr. Andreas Fischer

iNDAT Robotics GmbH i.L.

iNDAT Robotics GmbH i.L., headquartered in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg (Hesse), develops, manufactures, integrates, and maintains industrial robots as well as robot controllers for quality assurance, assembly, and assembly control as well as function testing and robot-based applications. It offers software applications as well as holistic plant systems for robotics and manufacturing automation, primarily for customers in the automotive industry. On 8 February 2022, a resolution was passed to wind up the company.

Focus Software applications and integrated plants for
robotics and production automation
Locations Ginsheim-Gustavsburg (GER)
Founded 1994
MAX share / since 100 % / 2015
Employees (Average 2023) 4 (excl. Trainees)
Liquidator Thomas Fohrer

NSM + Juecker

NSM + Juecker, comprises the two companies NSM Magnettechnik GmbH, headquartered in Olfen (North Rhine-Westphalia), and Mess- und Regeltechnik Juecker GmbH, headquartered in Dillingen (Saarland). The segment is a technological leader in system solutions in the field of highly automated high-speed handling systems for metal parts. This includes, on the one hand, automation solutions for pressing plants at customers in the automotive industry and, on the other hand, customised solutions for high-performance transport systems for cans, lids and closures in the manufacturing and filling industry.

In addition, the segment is a specialised supplier of measurement and control technology and the related software for complex automation processes and systems in drive and automation technology. This includes furnace construction, control, and protection technology, drive technology and control cabinet construction.

Focus High-speed handling systems for metal

Measurement and control systems as well as
drive and automation systems

Locations Olfen (GER), Dillingen (GER), Shanghai (China)
Founded 1959 (NSM)

1986 (Juecker)

MAX share / since 100% / 1990 (NSM)

100% / 1998 (Juecker)

Employees (Average 2023) 261 (excl. Trainees)
Management Jens Ohnholz

ELWEMA Automotive GmbH

ELWEMA Automotive GmbH, headquartered in Ellwangen/Jagst (Baden-Württemberg), develops, and realises customised manufacturing solutions in testing, assembly, and cleaning technology for the automotive industry, especially for the engine, transmission, and steering sectors. The company positions itself as a systems specialist with a focus on high-quality, resource-efficient solutions with high process reliability.

Focus Cleaning, testing, and assembly technology
Locations Ellwangen/Jagst (GER), Monschau (GER)
Founded 2006
MAX share / since 100 % / 2013
Employees (Average 2023) 154 (excl. Trainees)
Management Oliver Merget (CEO)

Joachim Weiß (CFO)

ZEAL Network SE

ZEAL Network SE is a Hamburg based e-commerce Group and leading online provider of lottery products. ZEAL mainly brokers customers’ tickets to the state lottery companies through the brand and, for which it receives a commission.


The segment Other comprises the IWM companies (IWM Automation Bodensee GmbH, IWM Automation GmbH), which are largely in the process of being wound up and liquidated. For IWM Automation in Porta-Westfalica, the operational closure took place on 30 September 2020. The liquidation of the company was opened on 1 January 2022. The operational closure of IWM Bodensee took place on 31 December 2019.

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