Equity Story of MAX Automation


Internationally active high-tech machine engineering concern in industrial automation and environmental technology
  • In the industry automation segment, we are superbly positioned in the growing markets of automotive, medical technology, electronics, and general industry automation. Many of our companies are market leaders due to their unique selling points and have correspondingly high growth potentials
  • In the environmental technology segment, we have an excellent basis with Vecoplan AG: Vecoplan has been on the market for decades and is one of the world’s leading providers of systems and components to prepare wood and residual materials. In addition, we also benefit from growth drivers like increased environmental consciousness and stronger environmental requirements.
Sales growth of over 5% per year and EBIT margins of at least 8% planned
  • With the above average profit increases, we plan for the group’s sales to grow organically by 5 to 8% per year.
  • Acquisitions should ensure additional growth.
  • With both the industry automation and environmental technology segments, we want to reach the sales threshold of EUR 600 million over the medium term.
  • At the same time, we are planning for EBIT returns of at least 8% of the group’s total performance.
Competitive advantage from global presence
  • We rise above the competition due to our global presence. Our export ratio is around 70%.
  • In accordance with our slogan “globally local”, we are increasing the number of our locations abroad to be as close as possible to our customers. In doing so, we are making using of group synergies wherever possible and applicable.
  • Our locations in the USA and China function as operative platforms for our group companies, primarily in regards to machine and facility services, commissioning, assembly, and distribution.
Independent because of diversified customer portfolio
  • With our widely diversified customer portfolio, we are pursuing a balanced sales mix that will allow us to profit from large growth trends in automation and environmental technology in all relevant growth regions.
  • We supply well-known customers in the automobile and electronics industry, as well as the medical technology industry all the way to the packaging automation, waste and recycling, cement and plastics industries. None of our customers makes up more than 10% of our total revenue.
Sound financial resources
  • Group financing of the group companies optimizes the refinancing costs of the companies and creates additional room to maneuver.
  • Our equity ratio of approx. 40% currently enables us to acquire attractive financing terms.
  • A long-term syndicated loan creates financial freedom for our growth targets and for the implementation of our 2021 strategy.
Stable shareholder structure with strategic anchor investor
  • We have a balanced shareholder structure with a free float of over 40%.
  • With the Günther Group, we have a strategic anchor investor (34.9 %) on board that wants to stay engaged for the long term and support our growth strategy.
Sustainable, attractive dividend policy
  • We feel ourselves obligated to have an attractive dividend policy that envisages increasing, or at least stable, dividends.
  • The annual disbursements are determined according to earnings performance but take into consideration sufficient room for the company to maneuver.
  • The average payout rate is around 40% of net profit.
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