Process Technologies

Proprietary technology and complete solutions in dispensing and impregnation technology

For over three decades, we have worked on dosing technology and on the preparation, mixing, and dosing of single-component and multiple-component reaction casting resins, sealing materials, adhesives, foams, and heat-conducting pastes. Our customers profit from our know-how in processing difficult materials and in our excellent technological expertise.

In the past 10 years we have expanded our product portfolio with respect to dosing technology and the casting and joining of automotive electronics: Our portfolio is rounded out by proprietary technologies and reliable complete solutions for systems used in the assembly and production automation of electronic components and individual processes in electronics. The process we developed for impregnation technology (trickling instead of dipping) for stators is quicker and less expensive than traditional methods. This enables our customers to produce stators for electric motors quickly and efficiently over the long term, driving e-mobility forward.

Strategy in the Process Technologies unit

  • Grow in the automotive and electronics industry, especially with respect to dosing technology and impregnation systems
  • Further development technological expertise in hot riveting as an alternative binding technique as well as in plasma technology
  • Strengthen business unit by suitable acquisitions

MAX companies in the area of Process Technologies unit

bdtronic GmbH
bdtronic GmbH

bdtronic GmbH, headquartered in Weikersheim (Baden-Württemberg), is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the area of 1K and 2K dosing techniques, hot riveting, plasma pretreatment, impregnation technology, and process automation. Interconnected processes ensure the highest standard of quality and reliability. This means our customers profit not only from bdtronic’s excellent technological expertise, but also from the company’s comprehensive know-how with respect to resins and their process characteristics.

bdtronic’s international customer base primarily includes companies from the automobile and electronics industries.


Focus Dispensing, impregnation and hot
riveting systems, low-pressure and atmospheric
plasma systems
Locations Weikersheim, Diepenbeek (Belgien), Monza
und Rieti (Italien), Lancashire (UK), Tulsa
(USA), Juarez Chihuahua (Mexiko), Suzhou (China)
Founded 2001
MAX share / since 100 % / 2004
  Employees (31/12/2020) 456 (incl. Trainees)
Managing Director Patrick Vandenrhijn

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