New automation technologies

Innovative automation solutions for efficient manufacturing

As experts in integrated production (Industry 4.0), we possess the expertise on related IoT technologies (Internet of Things) and on the use of industrial and collaborative robotics. We develop, produce, and integrate smart, robot-aided production systems with a high degree of production flexibility. In this way, we make the modification, assembly, and operation processes in an integrated production environment along the entire value chain more productive. In addition, we develop software platforms for industrial augmented reality applications, complex software applications, and integrated plant systems that integrate robotics applications. As a systems integrator and control equipment provider, we provide guidance on complex automation processes to our customers.


  • Expand expertise of collaborative robotics
  • Develop Industry 4.0 applications for own production as well
  • Further development standardized platform solutions
  • Expand robotics business outside the automobile industry
  • Strengthen the business unit by suitable acquisitions

MAX companies in the area of
new automation technologies unit

Essert GmbH
iNDAT Robotics GmbH
Essert GmbH

ESSERT GmbH, headquartered in Ubstadt-Weiher (Baden-Württemberg), is an expert in the use of industrial and collaborative robotics. Its customers also profit from ESSERT’s particular know-how in the digitalization of automation processes and in the development of associated technology and software (Industry 4.0). One unique selling point is the development of a software platform for industrial augmented reality applications. ESSERT uses its own self-developed industrial app store as the only provider on the market with standardized solutions.

ESSERT solutions are employed in numerous industries, including system and machine manufacturing, medical technology, waste water technologies, and water supply. Among its customers, the company serves renowned machine manufacturers, global production companies, as well as manufacturers of remote maintenance products.

Focus Smart augmented reality applications,
mobile devices, Collaborative and lightweight
robotics solutions
Locations Ubstadt-Weiher
Founded 2009
MAX share / since 45% / 2017
Employees (2017) 40
Managing Director Christopher Essert

Sergiu Burian 

iNDAT Robotics GmbH

iNDAT Robotics GmbH, headquartered in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg (Hessen), is a specialist in robotics and production automation. This includes complex software applications as well as integrated plants that integrate robotics applications. The company develops and manufactures products such as standardized robot cells with a high degree of production flexibility used to deburr metallic parts or to stamp and adhere coated plastic parts.

Furthermore, iNDAT Robotics is a well-known specialist in complete assembly units on production lines and in integrated, automated plants (e.g. in automobile pressing plants). Its customer base includes well-known automobile manufacturers and suppliers, among others.

Focus Software applications and integrated plants for
robotics and production automation
Locations Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, Wolfsburg
Founded 1994
  MAX share / since 100 % / 2015
Employees (2017) 110
Managing Director Eugen Offermann

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