Environmental Technologies

Efficient and resource-saving recycling of residual materials

The recycling of materials, raw materials, and energy within the supply chain is a decisive success factor for sustainable production. We develop components and systems for the environmentally-friendly and efficient recycling and treatment of residual materials. Our solutions are highly efficient and conserve natural resources. In this way, we help our customers from the international recycling, energy, and raw materials industries to utilize primary and secondary raw materials in a sustainable manner and to react to environmental developments.

We focus on intensive in-house research & development as well as in-house production. Our expertise is proven by numerous patents. Our solutions are designed to generate benefit for our customers and to give them a leading technological edge. We specialize in shredding technology as well as in solutions and systems technology in the areas of feeding, screening, separating, storing, and dispensing.


  • Focus on attractive growth segments in the wood, recycling, and disposal industries
  • Expand into new geographic markets like Eastern Europe and Asia
  • Develop innovative products for defined target applications
  • Enter into strategic partnerships with regard to industry consolidation

MAX companies in the environmental technologies unit

Vecoplan AG
Vecoplan AG

Vecoplan AG, headquartered in Bad Marienberg (Rhineland-Palatinate), is a leading manufacturer of machines and systems to shred, feed, and treat wood, biomass, plastics, paper, and other materials, as well as household and industrial waste. These systems and components are developed, produced, and distributed worldwide with an export ratio of 90% by Vecoplan. With its technologically ambitious solutions, this MAX subsidiary is a market leader in the industry.

At its headquarters in Bad Marienberg, Vecoplan operates one of the largest and most modern technology centers in the world for the environmental and recycling industry. The company’s customers come primarily from the wood and recycling industry, the disposal industry, as well as the paper and plastic industries.


Focus Machines and systems to shred and treat
primaryand secondary raw materials
Locations Bad Marienberg, Vienna (Austria), Birmingham (UK), Bilbao (Spain), High Point, North Carolina (USA), New Albany, Indiana (USA)
Warszawa (Poland)
Founded 1969
MAX share / since 100 % / 1995
Employees (31/12/2020) 484 (incl. Trainees)
Managing Directors Werner Berens (CEO)

Michael Lambert (CFO)


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