MAX Automation assumes environmental responsibility

Sustainability as a driver of growth

Protecting the environment and the climate is one of the crucial challenges of our time. Resources are becoming more scarce, the world’s population is growing, and consumption is climbing; all of these lead to strict requirements on how to handle natural resources. Sustainability has become a growth driver that plays an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions.

The MAX Group positioned itself early in future markets that are characterized by sustainable environment trends. This includes reducing CO2 emissions, increasing resource efficiency, and offering products that combine ecological progress and economic success.

Environmental technology for efficient waste recycling and treatment

In our segment environmental technology, we develop components and systems for the effective recycling and processing of residual waste materials. This includes, for example, systems to open those “yellow bags”. It’s no trivial process. The bags first need to be opened without damaging the contents. Our design allows the bags to be torn open carefully, as well as other bags that are included within. This makes the material easy to sort during down-stream processes. This system works using the so-called HiTorc drive that applies force directly instead of using couplings or gears. This reduces the energy needs to a third of what was used by the previous process.

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Efficient impregnation process for electromobility

The segment Process Technologies developed a process that impregnates stators in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The stator is the component within the electric motor that is responsible for generating electricity and is thus of significant importance for electromobility. Each stator must, through impregnation, be protected against external influences such as moisture. With our procedure, a polyester resin is trickled onto the preheated, rotating stator. Conventional methods dip the stator into an impregnating bath. Our process is faster and cheaper than any other method because it prevents material being lost as it drips off. Additionally, no subsequent work is required. This enables our customers to produce stators quickly and efficiently, driving e-mobility forward.

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Efficient shredding and cleaning of plastic waste

Our innovative environmental technology includes shredders for all plastic materials. Numerous plastic input materials can be turned into a high-quality, homogeneous output using the newest shredding technology. The shredders are easy to integrate into existing systems and captivate operators with their especially low energy use and high efficiency.

Moreover, we offer a system that completely avoids the use of chemicals when cleaning plastic waste. Our VecoDyn technology uses considerably less power as standard processes and also automatically purifies the resulting waste water in a closed circuit.

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