MAX Automation relies on
compliance as a code of conduct

Act with integrity

MAX Automation stands for responsible and lawful action in every aspect. All MAX employees are obliged to comply with legal frameworks and internal guidelines. For us, this means aligning our behavior with local legal standards at all times. Violations of the law will not be tolerated. This sort of behavior strengthen the trust of our customers, shareholders, and employees as well as the public in our products and services, in our independence, and in our integrity.

Compliance as a code of conduct

Compliance means much more than following the law and internal rules. It forms the basis of our decisions and actions. Compliance is integrated into our business processes. This means that we inform our customers worldwide of our principles, among other things. Responsible action is permanently anchored in the thoughts and behavior of the entire staff via our Code of Conduct. Essential rules are also collected in the Compliance Guidelines that are valid company-wide and binding for all MAX employees. Questionable behavior or violations can either be reported anonymously to MAX Automation via the Whistleblowing Report or shared directly with a Compliance Officer.

Fair competition

We are convinced that compliance can promote the development of societies and countries: directly and sustainably. In this vein, avoiding corruption, for example, is an important cornerstone. The MAX Group is completely and unconditionally committed to fair competition. We compete solely on the basis of our value for the money and the quality of our products and services. Following every law and regulation to avoid unfair competition is an integral component of our corporate policy.

Whistleblowing Report

Report questionable behavior or compliance violations anonymously.

Compliance Officer contact


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