Sustainable growth strategy
Good reasons to invest in MAX share

The Company MAX Automation

Successful in global growth markets

MAX Automation profits from long-term global growth trends that are making future-oriented automation solutions more and more important. This includes, among other things, the continued automation of industry, the digitalization of the professional and private worlds, robotics and the associated increases in efficiency, autonomous driving and electromobility trends, as well as reducing CO2 emissions and other increasing environmental requirements. We actively participate in shaping trends in the integrated production processes of our target industries.

Competitive advantage through a broad range of services and internationality

Our global presence and broad range of services set us apart from competitors. We support our customers while they expand abroad. We want to be where our customers are: globally local. Our subsidiaries develop and produce technologically demanding components and system solutions. Moreover, our portfolio includes specialized services such as project management, consulting, and customer service.

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