Personnel report

In 2020, the MAX Group with its Group companies responded to the requirement – as in previous years – to adjust the number of employees in line with business and operational developments in an appropriate manner. In the 2020 fiscal year, the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on human ressources.

Because of COVID-19, some companies of the MAX Group used short-time work (KUG), which largely prevented layoffs due to the pandemic. Thanks to the introduction of hygiene measures, changes to processes in production and administration and the temporary use of so called “home office” solutions, health-related downtime in the MAX companies did not lead to serious limitations in day-to-day business.

As of 31 December 2020, the MAX Group had a total of 1,814 (annual average: 1,876) employees, including trainees (31 December 2019: 1,928, annual average: 2,023). Of these, 1,577 employees (annual average: 1,562) worked in the core business areas of Process Technologies, Environmental Technologies and Evolving Technologies (31 December 2019: 1,518, annual average: 1,474).

The average number of employees (FTE) – excluding trainees – decreased by 8.5 % to 1,661 (previous year: 1,816). The decrease in staff is mainly due to the discontinuation of operations of IWM Automation Bodensee GmbH as of 31 December 2019 and IWM Automation GmbH as of 30 December 2020. Neither company was part of the core business. The companies in the core business accounted for 1,387 employees (previous year: 1,321), an increase of 5%.

The strategic growth targets of the MAX Group call for strong performance motivation on the part of our employees and qualified specialists. In order to counteract the expected shortage of skilled workers, almost all MAX companies engage in active training. At the same time, the respective personnel policy includes high training standards and the promotion of young talent. The MAX Group employed an average of 142 trainees in 2020 (previous year: 140).

MAX Automation perceives its employees in the Group companies and in the holding company as an essential resource for business success. Consequently, the company aims to create attractive and comprehensive opportunities for professional and personal development and thereby to promote the bond of qualified and committed employees to the MAX Group. Our employees have access to an extensive range of further training offerings and opportunities to develop their skills and abilities.

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